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News | This page contains general news affecting our business and the industry.

This page contains general news affecting our business and the industry. The 10 most recent articles are displayed in full and links to all previous articles can be found at the bottom of the page.


Wed 12 February 2014, 10h30

Bidirectional Pneumatic Valves and Hydraulic Motor

We supplied a large plastic manufacturing company in the Republic of Congo with bidirectional pneumatic valves and a hydraulic motor for a ___________ machine

Wed 12 February 2014, 10h23

Tie Bars

An agent for Negri Bossi injection moulding machines in SA contacted us to manufacture a new tie bar (Negri Bossi 260T Tie Bar 100 x 2550mm)

Tue 11 February 2014, 20h18

Granulator Blades

MMTS continues to supply granulator blades to a leading Port Elizabeth company specialising in industrial, automotive and agricultural hosing.

We offer both manufacturing of new blades as well as sharpening of existing blades.


Sat 08 December 2012, 09h33

Christmas Shut Down

Christmas Shut Down

MMTS will be closed from the 15th December to the 3rd January.

We wish all our customers and suppliers a very enjoyable festive season and all the best for 2013. For those that are travelling, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey in our wonderful country.

Please refer to our Contact Us page in the event of an emergency.

Sun 19 August 2012, 13h00

New Platen Brackets

New Platen Brackets

A South African pump manufacturer needed custom made brackets to install a 2.6 ton platen into a press.

Because of the limited thickness of the platen, the existing mounting holes were insufficiently strong and MMTS designed new mountings and manufactured complete new brackets.

The client was able to install the platen into the press using the existing tie bars and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Mon 30 July 2012, 13h11

New Attachment Roller Chains

New Attachment Roller Chains

A local large pipe manufacturer was struggling with the attachment chains on their haul-off for a large diameter HDPE pipe manufacturing line.

The line manufacturer did not have local representation or parts, so MMTS was able to specify and source new parts from Europe.

In addition to supplying the new parts, MMTS have now agreed to maintain stock of this part so that the client has peace of mind that their plant always has access to parts on a short lead time.

Sun 17 June 2012, 13h44

New Granulators for Internal Recycling

New Granulators for Internal Recycling

A South African automotive parts manufacturer was looking for a way of recycling trimmings produced by their production process.

MMTS were able to advise and test the recycling process prior to the company purchasing the machines.

We also designed and manufactured custom screens for the machines to ensure the correct particle size for the recycled material.

Tue 12 June 2012, 14h06

On Site Granulator Maintenance

On Site Granulator Maintenance

A client that is responsible for destroying counterfeit goods recently needed repairs done to their machine on site.

MMTS were able to go to site, strip the blades from the machine, and send them for sharpening while a full service was done on the machine.

Once the blades were sharpened, MMTS returned and installed the blades and recommissioned the machine. The client has saved considerable costs by not having and full time on site technician and not having to ship the machine to a repairer.

Wed 08 February 2012, 12h41

New Carousel Gearbox

New Carousel Gearbox

We were approached by a client running an automated printing carousel for compact discs. The machine was manufactured in Europe some years ago, and the manufacturer had closed and no spares were available.

MMTS obtained the original part from the client and was able to source a locally available motor and worm drive and then custom made an adaptor to bolt straight onto the existing machine.

The client now has critical parts available were he needed to wait 4 weeks before.


Thu 01 December 2011, 00h00

Christmas Shut Down

Christmas Shut Down

MMTS will be closed from the 15th December to the 3rd January.

We wish all our customers and suppliers a very enjoyable festive season and all the best for 2012. For those that are travelling we wish you a safe trip.

Please refer to our Contact Us page in the event of an emergency.

Thu 06 October 2011, 15h43

Refurbished Barrel and New 80mm Screw for Botswana

Refurbished Barrel and New 80mm Screw for Botswana

MMTS was approached by a large irrigation pipe manufacture in Botswana to manufacture a new 80mm screw for an HDPE Irrigation Pipe extruder as well as refurbishing the existing barrel.

Mon 11 April 2011, 11h17

New Hubs and Wheels for Bandera Haul Off

New Hubs and Wheels for Bandera Haul Off

Manufacture of new hubs and wheels for extruder haul-off according to OEM design.

Wed 30 March 2011, 16h01

Granulators Supplied to Large Automotive Company in East London

Granulators Supplied to Large Automotive Company in East London

We had the opportunity to supply a 15HP granulator to a company in the automotive industry for reducing their internal lumps for reprocessing.

Thu 02 June 2011, 22h31

New Platen for Pump Manufacturer

New Platen for Pump Manufacturer

We quote and won the order to manufacture a New Double Daylight Steam Heated Platen for a Berthelsen Press 2000x1500mm.

Installation currently taking place.

Wed 02 February 2011, 22h31

MMTS Restructures

MMTS Restructures

After the closure of the Germiston engineering works, the owners of MMTS, Anthony Wilmot and Justin McPhail began winding up the business from a financial point of view, and all creditors have been paid.

However, since December 2010, MMTS clients have shown their support to us, and we have entered into agreements with several of our suppliers to support our client base, and our sales have begun to grow again.

Considering that the business has dramatically changed it's approach to delivering services, it was decided that a new company would be formed by Justin McPhail, who would take over the client base and be continuing under the MMTS brand and the name Mechanical and Machine Tool Services. The new company is registered as Mechanical and Machine Tool Services cc and has no legal ties with the previous company Mechanical and Machine Tool Services (Pty) Ltd.

Clients that are currently doing business with us will have already been notified of the changes in VAT and banking details.


Sat 11 December 2010, 10h36

MMTS Closes Germiston Engineering Works

MMTS Closes Germiston Engineering Works

It is with great regret that we must announce that we were forced to close the engineering operations at 4 Ronbex Road at the end of this year.

However, we are still able to offer our clients services and technical expertise through our various engineering partners, with whom we have had relationships with for many years. Please feel free to contact us on the numbers on the Contact Us page.

We wish all our clients and suppliers a festive holiday season and a prosperous 2011.

MMTS Management

Tue 07 September 2010, 06h33

New Mixer Spindles for Diosna Dough Mixer

New Mixer Spindles for Diosna Dough Mixer

MMTS was recently approached by a bakery who were having problems with the mixers for their Diosna W240A dough mixers (spoons). The original mixers had become worn and fatigued and had broken. There had been an attempt to repair them by welding, but these repairs had never lasted more than a week in production.

After analysing the mixer geometry and the operating conditions, MMTS were able to design and tool up for a completely new set of mixers with a tougher construction.

The new mixers have been in production for over a month now and the client is relieved to have reduced production stoppages.

MMTS is currently the only company in South Africa to be manufacturing Disona mixer spindles (spoons).


Mon 28 December 2009, 22h51

10 inch Rubber Extruder

10 inch Rubber Extruder

MMTS was recently contacted by a large rubber manufacturer running a hot feed rubber extruder made by Bridge in the 1960's.

The client had measured the wear on the barrel and screw and believed that refurbishment was required.

Once the barrel and screw had been transported to MMTS, we were able to confirm that the barrel and screw were severely worn and that either replacement or refurbishment was necessary.

Due to production constraints, the client needed the extruder running again when the factory opened in January 2010. This meant that refurbishment was the only option for getting the extruder back into good running condition again.

MMTS set about stripping the extruder drive shaft, and it was found that the Rollway AT-758 thrust bearing was heavily damaged and had to be replaced before the extruder could run again.

The thrust bearing was of a very old design and none were available in South Africa, Europe or Asia ex stock. After a lengthy search, MMTS were able to find a bearing in stock in Minneapolis in the USA on 30 December. The bearing was flown to South Africa via London, which was snowed in at the time, and this caused severe delays, but it finally arrived in South Africa on 11 January 2010.

While the bearing was on its way, the MMTS were hard at work boring the barrel and rebuilding the screw, which went fairly routinely. Once the bearing arrived on the afternoon of 11 January, MMTS only needed 3 hours to reassemble the drive shaft, bearings and screw and deliver to the client, who had a team ready to install.

The client installed the barrel and screw without a hitch and started the extruder on 12 January with minimal impact on production volumes.

Tue 22 December 2009, 22h28

Season's Greatings!

Season's Greatings!

MMTS will not be open on Thursday 24 December 2009 as we will be giving our staff the day to enjoy with their families. We will open again on Monday 28 December.

We wish all our customers and suppliers an enjoyable and safe festive season.

Thu 22 October 2009, 15h01

Proplas is Huge This Year!

Proplas is Huge This Year!

MMTS have had a very active show this year and we have re-kindled our friendships with clients from abroad and our coastal cities.

We have noticed that there is a much more positive outlook amongst the recyclers and converters, and so we look forward to a much improved volume towards the end this year and next year. It seems that recyclers and convertors have held off until shutdown this year to do maintenance and repairs so we are planning to be open and running shifts to cope with the demand.

Sat 01 August 2009, 22h43

Screws for XLPE Cable Extrusion

We were recently approached by a Johannesburg based cable producer to design and manufacture a special screw for co-extrusion of XLPE onto cables.

The first screw will be installed within a few weeks and thereafter a number of other extruders will be assessed for conversion.

Fri 24 July 2009, 22h40

3 Layer Film Line destined for Zimbabwe

MMTS recently completed pre-commissioning testing on a 3-layer film blowing line for a Zimbabwean customer.

The customer reported that he was very impressed with the line's performance during pre-commissioning and is eagerly waiting for the line to be packed and set to Zimbabwe.

In line with our machine supply philosophy, MMTS will be involved in the final commissioning of the line and manufacture of the first batch of product before hand-over.

Tue 14 July 2009, 22h53

MMTS to Exhibit at Proplas Africa

MMTS to Exhibit at Proplas Africa

MMTS will be exhibiting from stand B28 at the Proplas Africa exhibition between 20 and 23 October this year.

We have teamed up with one of our leading suppliers to bring in an exciting new machine not yet seen in Southern Africa. This machine will be shown exclusively by MMTS on our 36 square metre stand.

Of course our technical team will be there to promote our core manufacturing, repair and refurbishment services as well, and they will be available to give potential customers (and existing clients alike) advice and support for their operations.

Proplas 2009 is a part of ProPak 2009, and is the largest African plastics machinery and materials exhibition where manufacturers and suppliers will be showcasing plastics processing machinery, blow moulding and injection moulding machinery, chillers, converting equipment, extrusion equipment, feeders, processing aids, recycling equipment and materials. Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC, Johannesburg, from 20-23 October 2009.

Fri 12 June 2009, 08h22

It's the small things that Count for Customers

Recently, one of our customers in Malawi was having trouble cooling the pipe in his vacuum chamber on his pipe extruder. The problem was traced to the set of damaged water spray nozzles.

Replacement parts were not readily available in the country and MMTS sourced new nozzles from our suppliers and shipped them to the client in record time.

The client was ecstatic and responded, "Thank you very much for getting these [nozzles] for us. Pipe cooling has now improved and production speed too!".

Tue 31 March 2009, 18h06

Change of Banking Account

Change of Banking Account

MMTS was acquired by new owners in October 2008. At the time, we circulated the new registration, banking account and VAT information to all affected parties. However, there are still some customers making payments into the &34;old&34; Nedbank banking account.

We urge all customers to ensure that they have loaded the new First National banking account and VAT numbers into their online payment systems.

Any queries can be directed to our admin ladies at the fax or mail address on our Contact Us page.

Thu 26 March 2009, 16h50

A little R&R

A little R&R

MMTS has been running flat out since the shutdown period started early in December, and it's time for us to take a little break.

We will be closing our works for two days, from Thursday the 23rd of April to Friday the 24th of April. We will re-open on Tuesday the 28th of April, the day after Freedom Day.

We wish you an enjoyable Easter period.

MMTS Management.

Sat 21 March 2009, 08h00

Farewell to Philippe and Lesley

Farewell to Philippe and Lesley

Yesterday, MMTS held a farewell party for Philippe and Lesley who are retiring at the end of March. All 34 staff members crammed into a local restaurant to honour the people that they have worked along side for so many years. There was much laughter, a hearty meal, some kind words and gifts from the staff.

We are fortunate that Philippe has agreed to consult with MMTS in the future where required, so our goodbyes are not permanent.

Mr Descroizilles, we salute you!

Tue 24 February 2009, 10h38

Zimbabwean Tie-Bar Takes a Round Trip

Recently, a Zimbabwean injection moulding company experienced difficulties with one of the tie-bars on their machine.

Local repairs had been made to the tie-bar, but it quickly failed under the clamping load.

Having dealt with MMTS before on a number of other successful projects, the customer contacted us and we agreed to take up the challenge of permanently repairing it.

The tie-bar was shipped down to our works in Germiston via road, and we were able to turn it around within 8 days. This was a great achievement by our technical team, who pulled overtime and double-time like a tag-team.

The client shipped the tie-bar back to Zimbabwe in record time and commented "We are all excited looking at that repaired tie bar which was offloaded this morning!" The tie-bar was successfully re-installed by the machine manufacturer and the client reported "Confirmed machine running smoothly on tie bar - all done!"

MMTS is particularly proud of the level of support offered to this client and the way in which our team committed themselves to the effort.

Thu 05 February 2009, 15h34

Reconditioned Die Increases Production by 40%

Reconditioned Die Increases Production by 40%

During December and January MMTS refurbished a sheet die for a Durban company that produces polypropylene baling twine. MMTS completely resurfaced and profiled the die lip, and our artisan painstakingly milled 706 new profile grooves only 0.4mm deep into the lip.

As part of a recent regional trip, the MMTS sales team visited the site and the client informed us that production had increased by a massive 40% and that the film thickness problems experienced previously had been completely resolved.

Thu 15 January 2009, 12h16

MMTS in the News

MMTS in the News

SA Plastics have published an editorial about MMTS covering the change of ownership at MMTS and the retirement of Philippe Descroizilles as the MD of the company. Philippe has decided to maintain his relationship with MMTS in a Technical Services role on a part-time basis.


Sat 15 November 2008, 22h54

New South African Machine Tool Portal

New South African Machine Tool Portal

MMTS once again leads the way by supporting and sponsoring a new portal for machine tools in South Africa,

Wed 01 October 2008, 08h00

A new era for MMTS

A new era for MMTS

Justin McPhail and Anthony Wilmot joined Philippe Descroizilles and the team at the Activia Park works on 1 October as the first step in the purchase of the company. Justin McPhail will be working directly with Philippe for the next 6 months as part of the handover process. Justin has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and was involved in the beverage industry and banking industry prior to joining MMTS. He will be taking over as operations director on 1 April 2009.

Sun 28 September 2008, 18h30

MMTS Signs Sale Agreement

MMTS Signs Sale Agreement

A deal was signed between Philippe Descroizilles and investors Anthony Wilmot and Justin McPhail today for the sale of MMTS. The deal will bring new skills and energy to MMTS and will allow Philippe to focus entirely on Technical Services to the company's client base.

Tue 05 August 2008, 18h06

MMTS Attracts Investors

MMTS Attracts Investors

MMTS entered into sale negotiations with two local investors today. The investors have recognised MMTS's position in the market and the company's ability to maintain sustainable employment for the staff while providing attractive returns on investment. An announcement will be made within the forthcoming weeks.

Fri 01 February 2008, 00h00

MMTS Install Recyling Washer in Zimbabwe

MMTS built and commissioned a complete plastic wash plant for a company in Zimbabwe. The wash plant included our specialised wet granulator.


Wed 06 June 2007, 07h43

MMTS now Importing Screws

In addition to importing barrels, MMTS is now able to import bimetallic screws.


Fri 01 December 2000, 08h00

MMTS Expands Operations to Larger Premises

MMTS have moved their operations from their cramped 600 square meter premises to a larger 1700 square metre building with four overhead cranes in Activia Park, Germiston. The move was required due to production loads created by increasing customer demand.


Fri 01 January 1999, 08h01

MMTS begins importing barrels

MMTS secured their first order for an imported bimetallic barrel for a firm recycling all forms of plastic scrap.


Sun 01 November 1998, 08h00

MMTS Opens its Doors

MMTS began operation in November 1998, servicing users of plastics and rubber machinery in South Africa and beyond. It was also active in the field of general engineering.

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